Drawing Workshop: August 2010

My man Rama took a drawing workshop that got him back into using pencils and paper. In this 3-session class, we did a number of exercises that helped train the hand and the eye. Below are some snapshots from our last session.

We did a number of sketch exercises that broke down a composition into basic geometric shapes and also evaluated for light and shadow. Students are encouraged to keep working in their sketchbooks after the workshop is over. Good Work Rama - now keep drawing!

PONSHOP offers classes in Ceramics, Mixed Media, Street Art, Architecture, and Skateboard Design for children as well as Ceramics and Drawing for adults. Our classes run throughout the summer and through the fall. For a current class schedule, Click Here.

Through an Architect's Eyes: July 2010

In "Through an Architect's Eyes", we explored Downtown Fredericksburg's Structures while talking about the fundamentals of architectural design. My student, Gretchen, kept a sketchbook throughout the workshop and below are some drawings she worked on.

We studied the facade of a local church.

My student drew a section through one of the floors of the new parking structure.

We also had some fun sketching the skyline of Fredericksburg.

PONSHOP offers classes in Ceramics, Mixed Media, Street Art, Architecture, and Skateboard Design for children as well as Ceramics and Drawing for adults. Our classes run throughout the summer and through the fall. For a current class schedule, Click Here.

Through an Architect's Eyes: July 2009

This workshop took advantage of the remarkably comfortable July weather. For three 2-hour sessions, I took my student on an architectural walking tour of downtown Fredericksburg. I gave instruction on map-making, perspective drawing, and projected drawing (plan, section, and elevation) and demonstrated different techniques on representing space and structures.

We also did contour drawings of the city's skyline - here students are instructed to (without looking at the page) follow the building terrain from the rooftops.

Trey shows off his sketchbook during the final class...
We also studied the local train bridge and talked about building form, material, and structure (above and below).
The local train station was the ideal place to give an exercise in perspective drawing (above and below).
For a current PONSHOP Class Schedule, Click Here

Small Works: 4x6 Framed Prints

"Equilibrium 4x6 mini prints" - set of ten, signed by the artist.

December 2008: As we wrap up the year, I'm excited to announce that I'll be finishing another sketchbook project. "Equilibrium" is a chemistry textbook (approximately 8.5"x11" when opened) that I've been using as my collage book over the past three years. The pages that have reached completion were used to make this series of "mini" prints. Click images below to enlarge.

"Equilibrium 4x6 mini: page 520", Digital Print $18"Equilibrium 4x6 mini: page 518", Digital Print $18"Equilibrium 4x6 mini: page 418", Digital Print $18

"Equilibrium 4x6 mini: page 416", Digital Print $18
"Equilibrium 4x6 mini: page 514", Digital Print $18
"Equilibrium 4x6 mini: page 528", Digital Print $18

July Art Workshops: Adult Drawing /Skate to Create

July was by far the fastest moving month to date. One minute, we're celebrating the fourth of July, and in the blink of an eye, we're re-hanging our studio in preparation for the August First Friday. I did have the pleasure of working with two of the most intelligent and hard-working students last month in my "Adult Drawing" and "Skate to Create" workshops. Below are some samples of their work:

Full scale self-portrait (Leah on the left, Gabe on the right)

Leah will be a senior in high school this year and to keep her drawing skills sharp for the upcoming year, she took the "Adult Drawing" workshop. We did a number of exercises including a full-scale self portrait (above) as well as classic sketch studies such as hand sketches and still life drawing. The major focus of this workshop is to encourage students to maintain a 'habit' of working in their sketchbooks. Creativity, like athletics, can only be sustained if it is exercised often and the sketchbook is the vehicle which allows one to continue to explore and hone their techniques.

Full scale self-portrait (detail)

Sketchbook exercise: hand poses

Studio Still Life: matryoshka dolls (above, below)
The "Skate to Create" workshop is the most popular among teens this year. I've seen a lot of great designs and met some great kids so far. July's workshop was no exception. Michael gave 110% the entire time and he managed to finish his work with some spare time for us to skate in front of the shop. Below is a sequence from his classes. He chose to use his nickname "Travis" for his deck graphic.

Stencil Sequence: (top to bottom: drawing, cutting, layers 1-3)

Applying the final layer of colors - gradient from red to brown.
One happy camper - the completed deck, ready to rip!
For a current schedule of classes offered at the PONSHOP, click here. I'll be offering another series of art workshops for children, teens, and adults through August and September.

Sketchbook Workshop with Panta Rhei Project

April 19th, 2008 was a refreshing morning since it included a sketchbook workshop through The Panta Rhei Project.
After a brief presentation of my sketchbook endeavors over the past 15 years, I took several of Fredericksburg's motivated teens around town for some drawing exercises. My instruction encouraged participants to treat the sketchbook as a tool by which they ask questions about their environment. Drawing becomes an interrogative and exploratory exercise rather than a means to a "finished" picture. Below are some samples of the student's work. This workshop was done as a collaboration with The Panta Rhei Project. To learn more about Panta Rhei and view their upcoming calendar of art workshops, Click Here.

PONSHOP Student Artwork

Below are some pics from our Student Workshops this year. For a current schedule of our art and ceramic classes, click here.

This summer we offer art workshops for both children and adults interested in painting, collage, skateboard graphics, street art, and art books. Scarlett hosts Birthday Parties that include a clay workshop as well. Our goal is to provide a place where people can be creative and have fun at the same time.

Skate To Create: May 2007
Over the course of 3 sessions, students design and paint their own skateboard deck.
"Dagger" by Harrison, 4th GradeMatt creates his own pro deck, 7th gradeHunter concentrated on his lettering to make a statement, 6th Grade

Mixing The Media: May 2007

In this 2-session class, students create a mixed media piece using collage, acrylics, and markers.
Abigail's piece is inspired by her love of music, 6th Grade.

Madeline contrasts color and form for her piece, 7th Grade

Birthday Parties with Scarlettwares
What better way to spend time with friends than by making ceramics together. Kids have a joint clay workshop and birthday party at LibertyTown Arts Workshop.

PONSHOP Private Lessons
Students are given the freedom to explore various media and ideas in their class time.

Max created a 3-piece stencil that he then used on wood as well as his gym shirt.
"Verse" by Max

Intro To Street Art: Winter 2007
This 3-session workshop exposes students to the art of graffiti writing, stencil making, and spray paint.

Working in repetition and variation, these students practice lettering and freehand drawing in our studio.

Robert and Tristan are avid PONSHOP students. Their workshop focused on sharpening their spray paint skills.

"Boom" by Robert, 10th Grade

"GEN" by Tristan, 9th Grade

PONSHOP on YouTube

As a way to keep our blog postings new and fresh, I've incorporated a channel on YouTube to display videos featuring PONSHOP activities such as Art, Ceramics, Skateboarding, and if you're lucky some video of our son, Diego, bouncing around. The "Videos" section of our website will likely be updated with more (and different) content to compliment the site too. Basically, YouTube's videos will be more like news clips, while the PONSHOP Video Page will be our feature "films" so to speak.

Below are some of the videos that you can view on our YouTube Channel , enjoy!

This is a virtual flip-through of the latest sketchbook I've been working on. Initiated after we left NY in 2005, "Equilibrium: freshman chemistry problems and how to solve them" got hit up with all of my art artillery: acrylics, collage, spray paint, etc. I'll continue to work in this book until all 570 pages are filled.

Shot in April of 2006 and left unedited until March 2007, These clips are of Mark Eyestone of Fred Skates and me skating Brooks Park in Fredericksburg, Virginia.