Work In pr

Work in Progress for "Chain Reaction" Show

I've been working on this drawing/painting for a while now. First it was simply going to be a stencil, then an intricate screen print, now it's gonna be what it's gonna be...

This portrait is inspired by the character Ophelia in Shakespeare's "Hamlet". Ophelia met her end by (presumably) drowning and even though many artists have painted her in the past, I've always been interested in portraying her character visually. Below is a pic of the finished piece.

“Ophelia, Daughter of Polonius”, Mixed Media on Wood, 24”x24”

This painting will be part of the "Chain Reaction" show opening up in September at Liberty Town Arts Workshop in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It's a neat format. LibertyTown Founder, Dan Finnegan, selected three artists, those three artists selected three artists, and finally an exponential wave of 27 more artists gets added to the list. "Chain Reaction" hopes to be a great cross section of our creativity in our region. The opening reception is Friday September 3 from 6-9pm.

The Matrix of artists on exhibit next month at LibertyTown: 916 Liberty Street Fredericksburg, Virginia.
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