greek sculpture

April Painting: "Griffin Captial"

Below is the latest painting fresh from the PONSHOP studio. Many of my friends and students have seen the progress over the past weeks and it's finally done. Mythological creatures have been a running theme of my work as of late, and I can only attribute the inspiration to growing up with a Dungeons and Dragons role playing set and then (as a college student) seeing the historic sculptures from Rome and Greece. Why a Griffin? honestly, the painting slowly developed into that form one night and after doing some research, I found that the creature (being half lion and half eagle) symbolizes intelligence, strength, and beauty.

"Griffin Capital" is currently on exhibit at Art First Gallery for the month of April.

If interested in purchasing, simply contact me via the PONSHOP website

"Griffin Capital", Mixed Media on Canvas, 24"x24" $600
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"Griffin Capital" (detail)
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"New History" Art Show: June 7th-30th

Scarlett, Diego and I just returned from our Portland trip and, while the iron is still hot, I figure I'd drop some more pics of work from the show. Below is the text introducing "New History" on exhibit at The Life Gallery in Portland Oregon until June 30th. Enjoy!

“New History” is a celebration of myth, legend, and artifact. Artists Scarlett Suhy-Pons and Gabriel Pons drew inspiration from their travels around the world to places such as Morocco, Greece, Rome, and Spain. Both artists used historic precedents as a means of initiating their work, yet integrate their own contemporary style to reinterpret the material into new forms.

Serpent Helmet, Ceramic Bronze Glaze, approx 10.5" diam
PONSHOP Tower, Ceramic Ultra Marine Blue Glaze, 12"x12"MONO Lion (Black) Detail, Spray Paint on Skateboard Deck, 8.0" x 31.75"MONO Lion (Orange) Detail, Spray Paint on Skateboard Deck, 7.5" x31.75"
MONO Girl Detail, Spray Paint on Skateboard Deck, 8.5" x32"MONO Queen Detail, Spray Paint on Skateboard Deck, 8.5" x32"Face of the City, Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, 12"x12"Yes...The Rhythm The Rebel, Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, 12"x12"
My Baby Wants to Rock and Roll (Banner), Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, 30"x32"City Sentinels, Collage, Pencil, Acrylic on Paper, 29"x21" Medusa Skateboard DecksOedipus Edifice, Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, 12"x12"Tangier Dream, Ceramic Ultra Marine Blue Glaze, 12"x12"Small Town Dream, Ceramic Sesame Black Glaze, 12"x12"Port City #1, Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, 12"x12"Port City #2, Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas, 12"x12"Igloo Vases (small,medium,large) , Ceramic Temokku GlazeBook IV page 169, Digital Print, 11"x14"Book IV page 175, Digital Print, 11"x14"

Book IV page 275, Digital Print, 11"x14"

"The Lady and The Tiger" Commissioned Painting

"Lady and The Tiger", acrylic and collage on canvas 30"x30"x2""The Lady and The Tiger" Detail

I've recently completed a painting titled "The Lady and The Tiger". This piece was a commission for two of our best friends living in Charlottesville, Virginia.

"The Lady and The Tiger" (Detail)"The Lady and The Tiger" (Detail)
Below are some images of the generative studies for the final painting as well as a 12"x12" canvas study I did of the tiger.

The first pencil sketch: September 2006

"Tiger Study (Mini)" was a real breakthrough for me in terms how I typically work. While completing the background for "The Lady and The Tiger" I worked on full-size sketches of the figures. I took one of the pencil sketches of the tiger and pasted it onto the 12"x12" canvas. Something about seperating the sketch from the main painting allowed me to paint with more freedom. I was able to experiment on the mini and then take it to the larger painting. "Tiger Study (Mini)" now resides in the home of a family friend.

Tiger Study "Mini", acrylic and collage on canvas 12"x12" x2" (sold)Tiger Study "Mini", Oblique Detail
For those interested in the content of the paintings, they were inspired by the short story "The Lady, or the Tiger?" by Frank R. Stockton. Although instead of an allegory focused on our human nature and the decisions we face, I chose to show both the princess and the beast simultaneously. I was interested in portraying a pensive and statuesque figure with the tiger in the background acting as both companion and guardian.