Party For Charity Event, March 30th

Gabe Pons and Rob Landeck followed up their Hyperion Art Show by pitching in for the "Party For Charity" event that took place on Friday, March 30th at the Third Floor Studio (810 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA). Gabe and Rob painted two large canvas murals while bands Boy/Girl, The Gay Blades, and The Transmitters kept people rocking. Organized by Eric Bruner Yang of Pash, this party brought out alot of the young and creative party goers for a good cause. The evening included a collective art show, live music, live painting, and a showing of the recently released Fred Skates/Magic Bullet video "City By The Battlefield." At the end of the night, the canvases were raffled off and much money was raised to benefit the Thurman Brisben Homeless Shelter. More more info on the Party For Charity, click here.

"Mother and Child" by Rob Landeck and Gabriel Pons
"Staring at the Sun" by Rob Landeck and Gabriel Pons

(((In Stereo))) Exhibit: March 2007

Gabe Pons and Rob Landeck will be teaming up for an art show at Fredericksburg's most popular coffee shop, Hyperion Espresso, in March. (((In Stereo))) will feature new work that is inspired by the music that fuels the soul- from Rock and Hip-Hop to Jazz and Blues.
The painting in the poster above is called "Analog Roots: 1987" and is a collaborative piece by both artists. Below is a teaser sample of oneof the pieces slated to be in the show.

When: March 1st-31st, 2007 - come and party with us on Friday March 2nd, 6-9pm
Where: Hyperion Espresso, 301 William Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401

"My Baby Wants To Rock n Roll" by Gabriel Pons: (Stencil Study), 30"x30"