Call for Artists: "Remixed 2" Vinyl Album Art Show

Remixed-2-promo_01_webPONSHOP Studio and Gallery will be hosting its fifth community art exhibition in August of 2014. We’ve rescued stacks of old Christmas records, wiped the dust off and, with your help, will turn them into something that people actually enjoy– a fun work of art.  "Remixed 2" is a follow up to our "Remixed" Vinyl Album Art Show in June of 2013 which included over sixty vinyl albums from over 25 participating artists. Click Here for the Complete Prospectus and Entry Form.

Spinning at 33 1/3 rpm

Here’s how the show works: once you pay the entry fee, we provide you with up to three ready-to-hang vinyl albums (the fee is $12 per record, or $30 for three). You have until July 27 to turn your Jane Fonda Workout album into a work of art, which will be exhibited throughout the month of August. The theme and medium are up to you, but there is one rule: each record is mounted on wood block with hanging wire and must stay mounted in order to be suitable for display on our gallery walls.


This exhibit is open to all artists (professional and emerging) in the Virginia/DC/Maryland Region.

Submission Requirements

All artists must use the pre-mounted vinyl albums (provided when you pay the entry fee) and all work must be for sale. Submit your best work!  The gallery reserves the right to reject submissions based on quality: uniqueness and creativity, craftsmanship and execution.  Entries must be original creations of the artist – no reproductions of others artwork.  See examples of the pre-mounted albums below:

Entry Specifications

PONSHOP retains 40% of all sales on works exhibited throughout the duration of the exhibit.  Artists will be reimbursed within 30 days of the exhibition closing.  Artists are responsible for acquiring insurance on their own artwork.  Although PONSHOP will take great care in the hanging and display of artwork, the gallery will not be held responsible for items on exhibit.

Entry Procedure

Entry fee: $12 per vinyl album, or $30 for three (up to three submissions).  Artists pay fee and retrieve ready-to-hang vinyl albums from PONSHOP.  Please complete entry form when returning the work.

Delivery: Artists are responsible for transporting their work to and from the gallery. Please keep in mind that during the summer months, vinyl records will warp if stored in a parked automobile! Artwork not retrieved after show closing will incur a storage fee of $10 per day


Deadline for Submissions: Saturday, July 26 (10-6pm) Sunday, July 27 (noon-5pm).  *Please Deliver ONLY  between Friday July 25 and Sunday the 27th.

Pick Up of Unaccepted Work: Tuesday, July 29 (10-6pm)

Opening Reception: Friday, August 1 (6-10pm)

Exhibition Dates: August 1-30, 2014

Pick up of Work: Sunday, August 31 (noon-5pm)

If you have any questions regarding this show or would like to be included on the mailing list for notice of future exhibition opportunities, please contact us at event[at]ponshopstudio.com

Urban Decay 4: Opening Reception June 8, 2013

Urban_Decay4_08_web Saturday June 8 marked the opening night of “Urban Decay 4” at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia. This is the fourth year of “Urban Decay” and PONSHOP is excited to be one of the sponsors for the opening reception again this year. The exhibition was curated by Urban Art Syndicate and focused mainly on lowbrow and contemporary art and music. The evening kicked off with a panel discussion focused on the influence of Hip-Hop music on visual art. Speakers on the panel included professional Hip-Hop dancer Kenny Wells and artists: Gabriel Pons, Jack Labadie, and HKS181. The reception included live musical performances by Thrive, Kenny Wells, Lightspeed Rescue, and Expansion Radio. Artists HKS181, Kevin Rodrigue, Jeremy Gann, and Inh Nguyen collaborated on murals in the outdoor quad area, with each canvas being raffled off at the end of the evening.

Special thanks to Deb Yarrington of UAS and Amy Lust of the Workhouse Arts Center for their curatorial, promotional, and organizational expertise. Also a big shout out to All City Print and Design as well as the Urban Decay 4 volunteers who kept the evening’s events running smoothly. Urban Decay 4 runs through July 28.


Urban Decay 4 Exhibition Announced

UD4Final-1_web We are excited to announce that Urban Decay will be entering its fourth year of exhibition at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia.  Urban Decay 4 celebrates low brow and contemporary art and music.  Emerging talents are showcased alongside accomplished artists with a special focus on the Vinyl toy scene.  PONSHOP will be one of the sponsors in this 2-month long exhibit and we look forward to celebrating with you all during the opening event on Saturday, June 8 from 7-11pm.

Urban Decay 4 also has a call for artists for customized vinyl toy submissions.  Entries are due May 25-26, 2013.  Click Here for a complete prospectus.

Gabriel Pons will be one of the many featured artists on exhibit and will take part in a panel discussion with Kenny Wells and Jack Labadie about the influence of Hip-Hop music on contemporary art (Sat. June 8 at 5pm).  The grounds of the Workhouse will also be the site of a day-long mural demonstration by HKS181, Kevin Rodrigue, and Jeremy Gann. UD4Final-2_web

Thanks to Deb Yarrington and her crew at Urban Art Syndicate for curating and coordinating this year's show.

Urban Decay 4 will include the work of:  Carlos Aguilar, Kevin Bednarz, Kenny Brown, Bryan A. Collins, Matt Corrado, Gregg Deal, ElStabo, James Fuller, Jeremy Gann, Drew Storm Graham, Kevin Gosselin, HKS181, Bill Hewitt, Tim Knouff, Jack Labadie, Justin Lipuma, Kevin Murphy, Sylvia Ortiz, Scott Olive, Michael Owen, Gabriel Pons, RSIN, JC Rivera,, Kevin Rodrigue, David Ten, James Walker and Asad ULTRA Walker.

Performances during the opening reception include: Thrive, Kenny Wells, Expansion Radio and Lightspeed Rescue

Click Here to view the history of  the Urban Decay exhibition series via the PONSHOP Blog.

2012 G40 part 4: Murals

Below are some pics from my last visit to Richmond during April's G40 Summit.  We had a chance to check out a handful of the recent murals painted  throughout the city by the likes of Angru Woebots, Pixel Pancho, Lelo, and Gaia to name a few.  Enjoy!

2012 G40 part 3: Making of "Hip-Hop Meditation Station"


Here's a behind the scenes look at the recent art installation by PONSHOP.  Thanks to all our collaborators on this project: Crystal and Kevin Rodrigue of Rodrigue Studios for their design/build consultation, Adriana Christesen, Jasmine Lee, Sidney Mullis and Janet Hahn for their research and studio support, Jeff Gulick for the on-site installation assistance and Christopher Stuart for video work.

Special Thanks to Art Whino and RVA Magazine for hosting the 2012 G40 event. G40 runs through May 5.

2012 G40 Opening Weekend: Part 1

Friday April 6, 2012 was the opening night for the 2012 G40 Summit in Richmond, Virginia.  The G40 Summit includes over a dozen large-scale murals throughout the city as well as over 500 Low Brow artists from around the world.  Below are more pictures from Friday night.  Thanks again to Art Whino and RVA Magazine for bringing such a massive and inspirational event to Richmond.  Click Here for the G40 Calendar of Events.

PONSHOP 2012 G40 Installation: Hip-Hop Meditation Station

"Hip-Hop Meditation Station" ceramics, and mixed media panels, 72" diameter x 60" height suspended installation, $8,000 USD. On exhibit at the 2012 G40 Summit hosted by Art Whino.  This installation can be reconfigured to accommodate a variety of spaces, contact us to inquire about design variations.

Scarlett and I are excited to be participating in the 2012 G40 Summit in Richmond, Virginia.  Honestly, this has been the most ambitious project that we've collaborated on to date and we're proud to be exhibiting it in this month-long exhibition.  Below are some pictures showing the progress of creating the ceramic forms (a total of 166) as well as installing the piece in the space at 101 West Broad Street.

The installation, titled "Hip-Hop Meditation Station" is a visual chronicle of the Hip-Hop culture, charting each of the four elements of Hip-Hop (DJing, MCing, B-Boying and Graffiti Art) throughout the course of the time.  Each art panel charts the trajectory of Hip-Hop's progression by listing those who have impacted the movement through their involvement.  This chronology is by no means complete, but offers up a brief history lesson for younger generations on the birth of an American art form that went on to in influence the world.

The G40 Summit opens Friday April 6, 2012 and includes over 500 artists as well as several recent large-scale outdoor murals by international artists. The G40 Event runs through the month of April with a closing party on May 4,2012.  For more information, visit Art Whino.

Special Thanks to Art Whino and RVA Magazine for hosting the 2012 G40 event.  Also PONSHOP would like to thank our collaborators and student interns for their assistance throughout the past two months:  Crystal and Kevin Rodrigue of Rodrigue Studios for their design/build consultation, Adriana Christesen, Jasmine Lee, Sidney Mullis and Janet Hahn for their research and studio support, Jeff Gulick for the on-site installation assistance and Christopher Stuart for video work.

PONSHOP and Scarlettwares at Walker Home: February - March 2007

Scarlett's ceramics and several of my paintings are on exhibit at the Walker Home show room (409 William Street, Fredericksburg) for the months of February and March. Here are some pics from the opening reception on Friday, February 2nd. We are excited to participate in this group show along with Adam Desio and others. Walker Home features home furnishings and fine design right here in Fredericksburg, Virginia - so if you're in town, check it out.

Scarlett and friends chillin'
Ceramic vases and square dish/bowl sets by Scarlettwares"Still Life in Hip-Hop #1" acrylic, and spray paint on canvas 30"x30"

(((In Stereo))) Exhibit: March 2007

Gabe Pons and Rob Landeck will be teaming up for an art show at Fredericksburg's most popular coffee shop, Hyperion Espresso, in March. (((In Stereo))) will feature new work that is inspired by the music that fuels the soul- from Rock and Hip-Hop to Jazz and Blues.
The painting in the poster above is called "Analog Roots: 1987" and is a collaborative piece by both artists. Below is a teaser sample of oneof the pieces slated to be in the show.

When: March 1st-31st, 2007 - come and party with us on Friday March 2nd, 6-9pm
Where: Hyperion Espresso, 301 William Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401

"My Baby Wants To Rock n Roll" by Gabriel Pons: (Stencil Study), 30"x30"