Call for Artists: Remixed 6 Vinyl Album Art Show


Deadline for Submissions: Sunday, July 29 (11am-5pm)
Pick Up of Unaccepted Work: Wednesday, August 1 

Opening Reception: Friday, August 3 (6-9pm)
Exhibition Dates: August 3- September 29, 2018
Artwork Retrieval: Sunday, September 30 (11am-5pm)

 PONSHOP Studio is excited to announce our 14th community art exhibition in August and September of 2018. We’ve rescued stacks of old 12” vinyl records, wiped the dust off and, with artists help, will turn them into something that people will continue to enjoy—a fun and original work of art. “Remixed 6” is the sixth annual vinyl album art show at PONSHOP and our most popular annual community exhibit. All ages and skill levels are invited to participate in this two-month show.

Submission Requirements: All artists must use the pre-mounted vinyl albums that we provide and all work must be for sale. Submit your best work! The gallery reserves the right to reject artwork based on quality: uniqueness and creativity, craftsmanship, and execution. Entries must be original creations of the artist – no reproductions of others artwork. 

Entry Conditions: All artwork must be for sale. Artwork cannot have a retail price exceeding $150. PONSHOP retains 50% of all sales on works exhibited throughout the duration of the exhibit. Artists will be reimbursed within 30 days of the exhibition closing. 

Artists are responsible for acquiring insurance on their own artwork. Although PONSHOP will take great care in the hanging and display of artwork, the gallery will not be held responsible for items on exhibit. 

Artwork delivered after Sunday, July 29 will NOT be accepted. Artwork delivered that is not dry, of poor assembly, is incomplete, or exceeds the boundaries of the vinyl record (see diagram below) will NOT be accepted. 

Artwork picked up after Friday, October 5 will incur a storage fee of $10 per day. This will be enforced. Artwork not retrieved by October 10 becomes property of PONSHOP.

Entry Procedure: There’s an entry fee of $18 per vinyl album, with a limit of two submissions per artist. Artists may register online or pay the entry fee at our storefront to receive their ready-to-hang record. The gallery will not ship records to prospective artists. 

Delivery: Artists are to complete the Entry Form and return it with finished artwork by Sunday, July 29. Artwork must have entry tabs securely taped to the back of the corresponding record. Artists are responsible for transporting their work to and from the gallery.