Call for Artists: Remixed 6 Vinyl Album Art Show


Deadline for Submissions: Sunday, July 29 (11am-5pm)
Pick Up of Unaccepted Work: Wednesday, August 1 

Opening Reception: Friday, August 3 (6-9pm)
Exhibition Dates: August 3- September 29, 2018
Artwork Retrieval: Sunday, September 30 (11am-5pm)

 PONSHOP Studio is excited to announce our 14th community art exhibition in August and September of 2018. We’ve rescued stacks of old 12” vinyl records, wiped the dust off and, with artists help, will turn them into something that people will continue to enjoy—a fun and original work of art. “Remixed 6” is the sixth annual vinyl album art show at PONSHOP and our most popular annual community exhibit. All ages and skill levels are invited to participate in this two-month show.

Submission Requirements: All artists must use the pre-mounted vinyl albums that we provide and all work must be for sale. Submit your best work! The gallery reserves the right to reject artwork based on quality: uniqueness and creativity, craftsmanship, and execution. Entries must be original creations of the artist – no reproductions of others artwork. 

Entry Conditions: All artwork must be for sale. Artwork cannot have a retail price exceeding $150. PONSHOP retains 50% of all sales on works exhibited throughout the duration of the exhibit. Artists will be reimbursed within 30 days of the exhibition closing. 

Artists are responsible for acquiring insurance on their own artwork. Although PONSHOP will take great care in the hanging and display of artwork, the gallery will not be held responsible for items on exhibit. 

Artwork delivered after Sunday, July 29 will NOT be accepted. Artwork delivered that is not dry, of poor assembly, is incomplete, or exceeds the boundaries of the vinyl record (see diagram below) will NOT be accepted. 

Artwork picked up after Friday, October 5 will incur a storage fee of $10 per day. This will be enforced. Artwork not retrieved by October 10 becomes property of PONSHOP.

Entry Procedure: There’s an entry fee of $18 per vinyl album, with a limit of two submissions per artist. Artists may register online or pay the entry fee at our storefront to receive their ready-to-hang record. The gallery will not ship records to prospective artists. 

Delivery: Artists are to complete the Entry Form and return it with finished artwork by Sunday, July 29. Artwork must have entry tabs securely taped to the back of the corresponding record. Artists are responsible for transporting their work to and from the gallery. 


The Print Show

Opening Reception:  Friday, June 3, 6-10pm

Exhibition Dates: June 3 - 30, 2016

 PONSHOP Studio and Gallery is pleased to announce our June exhibition, “The Print Show.” Curated by Chance Kenyon of Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival, this month-long exhibit will feature print editions of signature work by local and regional artists.  The opening reception is Friday, June 3 from 6-10pm.

The Print Show will be an exhibit in which everyone has the opportunity to take quality artwork home, with over forty diverse styles to choose from.  Artwork will range from traditional block prints to archival ink editions on watercolor paper.  PONSHOP’s garden space will be open for guests to enjoy food, refreshments, and live music.

Artists participating from Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival include: Kenny Brown, Kelley Drake, Mike Tschirn, Greg Howell, Lefty Lipuma, Johan Ulrich, Kevin Murphy, Chance Kenyon. From Golden Monkey Tattoo: Drew Baker, Tony Talbert, Julian Bast, Rob Scheyder, and Stephan Saunders. From Human Canvas Tattoo: Brad Bellante. From Loyalty Tattoo UT: Nick Phillips.

Local artists include Bill Harris, Nick Rose, Dustin Mugridge, Rachel Hicks, Courtney Fishback, Jeremy Gann, and Jenna Anderson.

PONSHOP is a multifaceted storefront: an artist studio, gallery, retail store, and classroom.  The vision of the owners, Scarlett and Gabriel Pons, is to provide a place that embodies what they love: art, design, and creative education.  The gallery/shop features a variety of work from artists both near and far.  Their studio also doubles as a classroom, providing workshops for students interested in everything from painting, ceramics, and architecture to street art and skateboarding.

Currents: Rappahannock Ceramic Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: September 4-27, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday, September 4 (6-10pm)

PONSHOP owner Scarlett Pons will be exhibiting a series of custom ceramic plates inspired by “Rappahannock”, the 2014 film by Bayley Sillek.  The film inspired Pons to create artwork that raises awareness of our local river and the wildlife that depend upon it.  Scarlett designed a variety of fish-shaped plates glazed in bold speckled patterns that are both functional and decorative.

Throughout the month of September, and in conjunction with the Rappahannock RiverFest Fundraiser on September 19, the artist will be donating 20% of all ceramic fish plate sales to the Friends of the Rappahannock, a local non-profit dedicated to the health and vitality of the Rappahannock River.

From the Friends of the Rappahannock website:

Friends of the Rappahannock (FOR) was formed in 1985 as a non-profit, grassroots conservation organization.  We are citizens from all walks of life, whose common goal is to maintain the water quality, living resources, and scenic beauty of the Rappahannock River and its tributaries.  We work with a wide variety of stakeholders, from local governments to elementary students, to educate about the river and to advocate for actions and policies that will protect and restore the values that make the Rappahannock River so special.  Learn more at www.riverfriends.org

April Group Show Opening Reception: April 6, 2012

PONSHOP's latest First Friday opening reception was April's Group Show, held on Friday, April 6th.

The show featured work from Gabriel and Scarlett Pons, Stephen Graham, Joshua Barber, Nicholas Candela, Jeremy Gann, and Adam Desio. The PONSHOP gallery continued to display works from Jack Brown's tattooists Kenny Brown, Chance Kenyon, Grady Spades, Mike Tschirn and Fredericksburg local Elstabo.

Thanks to all participating artists and everyone who came out to support the show! Check out some pictures from the night below.

"Indelible" Art Show Announcement

PONSHOP Studio and Gallery are pleased to announce “Indelible,” a group show featuring seven of the areas talented and bold contemporary artists. The opening reception will be held on “First Friday” March 2, from 6-10pm. PONSHOP will feature the work of Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival artists Kenny Brown, Kelley Drake, Chance Kenyon, Grady Spades, and Mike Tschirn. The range of their media includes ink on paper to oil on canvas. Their latest pieces incorporate vibrant colors, surreal images, and bold lines.   Elstabo, a 2011 Urban Decay II featured artist and recent resident talent, is also contributing to the collection with his vivid and graphic paintings on canvas. The show will also include photographs of Jack Brown’s artists taken by Adam Desio.

As a child growing up in central Pennsylvania, Kenny Brown wanted to be a comic book illustrator. Later, he embarked on the path to become a tattoo artist under the tutelage of Dixon Keller. Brown has been plying his trade for nineteen years. He currently owns Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival with fellow tattoo artist Chance Kenyon in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Brown lives with his wife and two dogs and enjoys making music and painting.

Chance Kenyon, co-owner and tattoo artist at Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival, became interested in tattooing at age fifteen. Under the influence of his older brother Grady Spades, Scott Junkins, and current business partner Kenny Brown, Kenyon learned to tattoo. Most recently, Kenyon opened Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival with friend and fellow tattooer Kenny Brown. Outside of the shop, Kenyon is devoted to his daughter, family, and friends.

As a young artist, Kelley Drake realized he had learned more about art from his parents, grandparents, and high school art teachers than in school at the Maryland Institute of College of Arts. After a few years, he dropped out and became the apprentice of tattoo artist Kenny Brown. Drake now tattoos for a living and has been working at Jack Brown’s for five years.

Grady Spades is the older brother of Jack Brown’s co-owner Chance Kenyon. Spades’ influence led Kenyon to pursue tattooing. He now works as a tattoo artist at Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival.

Mike Tschirn attended Virginia Commonwealth University to study art. He later learned to tattoo and now works at Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival. Tschirn’s tattoos generally feature bold, graphic designs. When not tattooing, Tschirn enjoys painting works that reflect his love for magical and beautiful things.

Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Elstabo has earned a BFA from The Fashion Institute of Technology and since 2006 has been living in Northern Virginia working as a commercial and fine artist.  His work pulls inspiration from many genres including comic book illustrations, erotic art and fantasy.

Fredericksburg artist Adam DeSio works with oil and acrylic painting, photography, digital art, and print making.  His work finds new ways of looking at the things all around us while creatively interpreting his experiences. “My goal is to create a piece of art every day, find new ways of looking at things, capture the things I see and experience around me in a unique way.  Adam’s contribution to “Indelible” show includes photographs of Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival artists.

Opening Reception:  Friday, March 2, 6-10pm

Exhibition Dates: March 2 – April 1, 2012

Gabriel Pons at Caramel: May 21, 2010

I'm excited to announce that I'll be showing select work at Caramel in Washington, DC this month. The opening reception is Friday, May 21 from 6-8pm.

Smart, sophisticated, and stylish, Caramel offers unique clothing and accessories for men and women you won't see on everyone else. The U Street boutique features international, national and local designers, as well as eco-friendly fashion and vegan accessories.

1603 U Street, NW Washington, DC
(202) 265-1930

Art at the Mill - Artists' Reception

October 12, 2008: The Pons Family made a trip up to Millwood, Virginia for the Artists' Reception for this year's Fall "Art at the Mill" event. Scarlett and I both contributed to this group show. I gave an artist demonstration throughout the afternoon, but Diego's painting endeavors attracted much more attention. Below are some pics from that day.

Works in progress...(above) click to enlarge.
Jon and Christina Burge volunteered for the day's event.
supermodels (above)Composite photo from Micki and Will's house in Berryville, one of our favorite places on the planet.

March 2008 Exhibit Announcement

I am excited to announce my upcoming show with fellow Art First member Carol Iglesias. "Destinations: Places Traveled, Places Dreamed" will feature new work which is inspired by sites both visited and imagined.

Carol Iglesias’s paintings are comprised of scenes from various Italian hillside towns throughout Tuscany that she had visited last October. Her travel itinerary included fifteen days of “plein air” (outdoor) painting and sketching in scenic towns like Volterra, San Gimignano, San Casciano, as well as Florence. The locations alone pushed her artistic skill while providing an abundance of inspiration at the same time. The result is a cohesive set of compositions, executed in pastel, which resonate with color, texture, and life.

My work references historic art and architecture yet is executed in a contemporary style. My latest mixed media compositions explore abstract architectural spaces where cityscapes and structures are constructed from scraps of magazines, acrylic paint, stencils and ink. My recent series of paintings experiments with figurative forms and their placement in a surreal and imaginary landscape.

When: March 5th-30th 2008 Opening Party on Friday March 7th 6-9pm
Where: Art First Gallery 824 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, Virginia USA

January 2008: Works In Progess

I'm getting ready for an upcoming show this March at Art First Gallery in downtown Fredericksburg. Fellow member, Carol Iglesias and I will be exhibiting new paintings for the month. The tentative title for the show is "Destinations" and will feature work inspired by places traveled and places dreamed...

Check out the show this March. Opening reception is Friday, March 7th 6-9pm at Art First Gallery 824 Caroline Street, Fredericksburg, VA.

Here are some recent pics of the studio:

"Present Tense" Show: Opening Night

October 8th, 2007: Opening Night for the "Present Tense" show that Scarlett, Rob Landeck, and I put together at Bistro Bethem (309 William Street). Thanks go out to all of those who came out to support the local art scene in Fredericksburg, and honestly you couldn't go wrong: with temperatures in the 90s and a Monday holiday, it felt more like a Friday night in July.

DJ Bredren on the wheels of steel spinning the rockers....
Scarlett and I feeling relieved that the show is finally up.

Below is a cross-section of the work that is on display for the "Present Tense" show at Bistro Bethem. The exhibit runs until December 8th, 2007.
If interested in purchasing or viewing more, hit us up with an email.
Scarlett: spons@scarlettwares.com, Rob: robartist@earthlink.net, Gabe: gpons@ponshopstudio.com

"Rose Window I" by Scarlett Suhy-Pons, Ceramic Wall Hanging with Red Bronze Glaze (sold)
"Wind Bowl" by Scarlett Suhy Pons, Ceramic with Sea Green Glaze $180
"Rose Window II" by Scarlett Suhy-Pons, Ceramic Wall Hanging with Antigua Yellow Glaze (sold)

"Rose Window III" by Scarlett Suhy-Pons, Ceramic Wall Hanging with Satin White Glaze $85
"Ode to the Stratocaster I" by Rob Landeck, Oil and Collage on Canvas 30"x40" $750
"Play It Low" by Rob Landeck, Mixed Media on Canvas, 12"x12" $125
"Devil Drummer" by Rob Landeck, Mixed Media on Canvas, 12"x12" $125
"Jammin' on Julia" by Rob Landeck, Mixed Media on Canvas, 16"x24" $225

MONO Longboard Series by Gabriel Pons, Spray Paint on Plywood $120 each

"Standing Between Sand and Sea" by Gabriel Pons, Mixed Media on Canvas (sold)
"The Last Pharaoh" by Gabriel Pons, Mixed Media on Canvas $750

"New Hieroglyph #1" by Gabriel Pons, Mixed Media on Canvas $400

Works In Progress

Below are some progress pics of paintings I'm working on for upcoming shows in February and March. -Enjoy! G
For all those local to the Fredericksburg, and the Washinton D.C. area, I'll be participating in an event called "Watching Paint Dry" at Art First Gallery in February doing live painting collaborations with other members. In fact I'll be working all day on Saturday, Feburary 3rd from 10-5 so pay a visit. In March, Rob Landeck and I will be showing new work at Hyperion Espresso (corner of William and Princess Anne Street). The tentative title is "In Stereo" so check it out on Friday, March 2nd and party with us.