PONSHOP Private Lessons

Max Harvey is one of the PONSHOP veterans and has been a student of our studio since March of 2006. Every week Max brings hundreds of new ideas that he wants to explore in mediums such as collage, acrylic, and spray paint. Below is one of Max's recent pieces. If memory serves me correct, the working title for this piece is "Japan Attack." Max finds inspiration from everything in his environment: the video games he plays, the techno music he composes, especially the graffiti art and writing that he sees when touring from city to city. In fact, Max recently returned from a trip to London and I'm sure he's brimming over with new inspirations...well done Max!

Above: "Japan Attack" by Max Harvey, Mixed Media on Canvas, 12"x16"
Below: Detail

For more information about Private Classes, email me at gpons@ponshopstudio.com