Independence: Skateboarding's Art and Evolution

July 4th, 2006 was Independence Day, and for us that meant three things: Skateboarding, Music, and Art. PONSHOP Studio, Fredericksburg Skateboards, and Magic Bullet Records teamed up to host an afternoon of summer fun for downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia. The PONSHOP curated an exhibit of over sixty skateboard decks dating as far back as 1965 and spanning a timeline to today. Bands Worn In Red and Sparrows Swarm and Sing rocked the gallery space throughout the day while local skaters enjoyed two new ramps and other street obstacles in the parking lot. I set up shop in a makeshift outdoor studio, painting designs on the ramps, as well as the skaters' boards. My wife and fellow artist, Scarlett, held down the frontline - greeting visitors, passing out exhibit statements, and selling the new PONSHOP T-shirts. Needless to say a good time was had by all. Thanks once again to all that contributed and helped that day and thanks to LibertyTown Arts Workshop.

To read the Freelance Star article announcing the "Independence" event, click here.

Worn In Red Rockin' It Out
Sparrows Swarm and Sing from Lowell, MassachusettsThe Usual Suspects...
Raffle Fun"Independence" Exhibit
Ramps were donated to Curtis Memorial Park for endless summer sessions.