Street Art: Stencil and Aerosol

Below are some photos from September's "Intro to Street Art" Workshop. Students had three 2-hour classes to adorn a 24"x48" sheet of masonite with spraypaint, stencils, and paint pens. Both Bryce and Tristan had alot of ideas and enthusiasm towards their projects, and my challenge was to help guide their way. They were very good at sharing and supporting one another's work and that's a great quality to develop. The compostitions seen below started off as simple pencil sketches and studies in their sketchbooks and evolved into full-color fun. Good Job guys!

Bryce started by cutting a stencil of "REAP" and then picked up spray paint cans to create the "Bunny" Graphic.

Tristan practiced Line and Fill with His "It!" graphic while experimenting with clouds and shadow.