PONSHOP Shop Decks Available

The PONSHOP is now carrying the first run of our "Shop" Decks. Titled the MONO (pronounced moe-no) Snake Decks, these boards are made from top-quality North American Hard Rock Maple and feature a good concave and solid pop. Decks come in two widths: 7.5" and 7.75".

The Shop Decks differ from the art decks that I've been making in that we're encouraging these decks to be ridden, used, and abused. Instead of using four stencils and a background color to fabricate the art decks, I'm using one stencil to simplify the process and retain a reasonable price point.

Shop Decks are available for purchase at the PONSHOP Studio for $45 plus tax which includes griptape. For those of you who can't get to the shop and want to buy one, email me at shop@ponshopstudio.com.