"Remixed" Vinyl Art Show Announcement

PONSHOP-Remixed_web03PONSHOP Studio and Gallery is pleased to announce their fourth community art exhibition in June of 2013.  “Remixed” features original artwork using vinyl record albums.  The exhibit includes thirty-six local and regional artists all working in this non-traditional medium.  The opening reception for "Remixed" is Friday, June 7 from 6-10pm. The exhibition runs through June 30.

Gallery owner Gabriel Pons has been using 12” vinyl records as his canvas for three years.  When a friend offered him a crate of old records, he saw the potential of using the standardized discs in an art show where each participant “repurposes” the old albums and turns them into art.  Both Scarlett and Gabriel Pons are excited to see how each artist treats this design challenge.

The opening reception will include music provided by DJ Climax, spinning on the turntables.

Featured Artists for the “Remixed” Show are:

Gregg Deal, Matt Corrado, Rob Landeck, Adam Desio, Stephen Graham, Jack Labadie, Julie Maida, Nick Candela, Crystal Rodrigue, Jeff Gulick, Nina Angelini Young

Participating Artists (as of this press release) include:

Sue Henderson, Stacey Schultze, Sandy Skipper, Lois Skipper, Alex Rudenshiold, Guerin Wolf , Jayden Gilhousen, Zakk Davis, Amina Shafi, Nina Jot Prakashkaur, Cameron Limbrick, Toy Fowler, Ronald Jackson, Mirinda Reynolds, Erin Stephens, Sidney Mullis, Andrew Quarles, Joshua K Rama, Mark Eyestone, Kelly Penick, Mark Manjarrez, Sean Woodard, Elizabeth Carter, Frank Woodley, Josie Yorgeson, Ed King, and Jurgen Brat