Urban Decay 4: Opening Reception June 8, 2013

Urban_Decay4_08_web Saturday June 8 marked the opening night of “Urban Decay 4” at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia. This is the fourth year of “Urban Decay” and PONSHOP is excited to be one of the sponsors for the opening reception again this year. The exhibition was curated by Urban Art Syndicate and focused mainly on lowbrow and contemporary art and music. The evening kicked off with a panel discussion focused on the influence of Hip-Hop music on visual art. Speakers on the panel included professional Hip-Hop dancer Kenny Wells and artists: Gabriel Pons, Jack Labadie, and HKS181. The reception included live musical performances by Thrive, Kenny Wells, Lightspeed Rescue, and Expansion Radio. Artists HKS181, Kevin Rodrigue, Jeremy Gann, and Inh Nguyen collaborated on murals in the outdoor quad area, with each canvas being raffled off at the end of the evening.

Special thanks to Deb Yarrington of UAS and Amy Lust of the Workhouse Arts Center for their curatorial, promotional, and organizational expertise. Also a big shout out to All City Print and Design as well as the Urban Decay 4 volunteers who kept the evening’s events running smoothly. Urban Decay 4 runs through July 28.