Art Demonstrations

Cultivate Creativity Month & Terrarium Workshop

Cultivate Creativity Celebration:  Friday, March 3, 6-9pm
Terrarium Workshop: Friday, March 3, 6-8pm (Prior Registration Required)

 PONSHOP Studio and Gallery is excited to host our March “First Friday” reception with the theme “Cultivate Creativity”. Join us in celebrating all things that grow as we usher in the beginning of spring with a Terrarium Workshop and a complimentary fine art exhibition featuring garden-themed ceramics and paintings.

Revive your green thumb during First Friday’s terrarium party using D.I.Y. kits supplied by PONSHOP. Show up any time between 6 and 8pm, and walk out with a completed and one-of-a-kind mini mossy world. $40 registration fee includes a glass container and all other materials as well as guided instruction from PONSHOP owner Scarlett Pons. Green thumb not required, but Registration is Required prior to event.

PONSHOP ceramic artists Matt James and Rachel Ruddle join Scarlett Pons in exhibiting garden-themed ceramics, planters, garden tags, and more.  Local oil painter Jenna Anderson will be exhibiting select nature-inspired drawings and paintings, joining Maddie Huddle and Gabriel Pons on the gallery walls.

Cultivate your own creativity this month in one of our many classes for children and adults. March’s classes include, Model Kit Makers, Skate to Create, Adult Oil Painting, Adult Clay, Paper Pop-Up Workshop, and Bohemian Dream Catchers Workshop.  Our Complete Class Schedule can be found Here.  


PONSHOP is a multifaceted storefront: an artist studio, gallery, retail store, and classroom.  The vision of the owners, Scarlett and Gabriel Pons, is to provide a place that embodies what they love: art, design, and creative education.  The gallery/shop features a variety of work from artists both near and far.  Their studio also doubles as a classroom, providing workshops for students interested in everything from painting, ceramics, and architecture to street art and skateboarding.

Fall 2014: PONSHOP Academy



kicked off our pilot PONSHOP Academy Program.  We worked with students over the course of six weeks to explore mixed media (collage and painting), ceramics, and sculpture.  Students were encouraged to push their boundaries in terms of their creative skills and willingness to work with new materials.  Below are some photos from the workshops taught by Gabriel Pons (The Collage Bridge Project), Scarlett Pons (Ceramic Pockets and Masks), and Leslie Brier (Wire and Nylon Sculpture).  Good work students!

PONSHOP Academy will be initiating again in January of 2015.  Click Here for our current class schedule and registration form.

2014 Art Attack Fredericksburg: September 13 (10am-4pm)

Art-Attack-Logo-2014_web We are excited to announce the Third Annual Art Attack event.  For one day, over seventy local artists of Fredericksburg will be demonstrating their talent on the sidewalks of Caroline and William Street in the city’s historic district.   Art Attack is a grassroots event organized by local artists to encourage the exposure, promotion, and celebration of Fredericksburg’s vibrant art community.  From 10am-4pm, participating artists will take to the streets with live art demonstrations ranging in painting and ceramics to mosaic art and dance.


This year, Whurk Magazine is contributing by promoting Art Attack and organizing the “soldiers” during the day of the event.  LibertyTown Arts Workshop will be hosting the Artists’ Picnic immediately following the event at 4pm.  The “recruits” of Art Attack will be on their tour of duty throughout the Caroline Street corridor between Amelia and Charlotte Street (700 Block thru 1000 Block) and William Street between Sophia and Princess Anne (100 block thru 300 block).

Visit the Art Attack Facebook Page for updates and more.

Fredericksburg's Second Annual Art Attack Event

ArtAttack2013_038web Saturday September 14, 2013 marked the second annual “Art Attack” event in Downtown Fredericksburg.  Organized by Gabriel Pons and Bill Harris, "Art Attack" is a grass roots public art event open to any "recruits" that are willing to demonstrate their art for one day on the city streets.  The historic downtown was filled with  approximately eighty local and regional artists creating original artwork for all to see. The public witnessed a wide range of mediums from paintings and sculptures to drawings. Fine artists were not the only ones to come out and showcase their talents. Live performers such as belly dancers and musicians participated in the "Attack" also. At the end of day, all participants were invited to a picnic hosted by PONSHOP in the backyard of their gallery.  For more about Art Attack Fredericksburg, visit their Facebook Page.

Second Annual Art Attack Fredericksburg Event Announced

On Saturday, September 14, 2013 the Second Annual Art Attack Fredericksburg artists take to the streets of the historic downtown for a day-long live art demonstrations. (10am-4pm).  Art Attack is a grassroots event organized by local artists to encourage the exposure and celebration of the region's vibrant art community.  For one day, participating artists (aka recruits) will turn their studios inside out, ambushing the public streets with live art demonstrations.
Art demonstrations will take place primarily on the Caroline and William Street corridors in downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Visit Art Attack Fredericksburg on Facebook for more.

FAMCC Art Outside the Box Summer Camp

FAMCC_workshop2013018_webGabriel Pons of PONSHOP partnered with the Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center for a three-day summer art camp from July 15-17, 2013.  The theme of the camp was "Art Outside the Box".  Students were instructed to draw upon the city's rich history and built environment to create a collaborative mixed media mural to be installed on the William Street facade of the museum.  Throughout the three days, Pons gave the students a background of the history of graffiti and street art and coupled their activities to "interrogate" the cityscape of Fredericksburg.  What is the message of the signage that we view in the streets day to day? How can students express themselves using only text or only imagery?  How can we reinterpret historic themes in a new way? Below is a chronology of the workshop sessions.  Students used wheat paste to collage imagery and maps relating to the city of Fredericksburg on six wooden panels.  They were encouraged to explore writing their names using different styles and methods.  Pons gave students a tutorial on how to design, cut, and spray various stencils and students then collectively painted the six panels using spray paint, acrylic paint and stencils.  The completed panels were installed in the existing window wells of the museum.  Thanks to Janelle Kennedy, interns Caroline Fogg and Dani Payne, and the staff of the Fredericksburg Area Museum for contributing to the success of this workshop.  Special shout outs to our campers for the week.  They're excitement and genuine enthusiasm made the project worth while.  Good Job Students!

Urban Decay 4 Exhibition Announced

UD4Final-1_web We are excited to announce that Urban Decay will be entering its fourth year of exhibition at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia.  Urban Decay 4 celebrates low brow and contemporary art and music.  Emerging talents are showcased alongside accomplished artists with a special focus on the Vinyl toy scene.  PONSHOP will be one of the sponsors in this 2-month long exhibit and we look forward to celebrating with you all during the opening event on Saturday, June 8 from 7-11pm.

Urban Decay 4 also has a call for artists for customized vinyl toy submissions.  Entries are due May 25-26, 2013.  Click Here for a complete prospectus.

Gabriel Pons will be one of the many featured artists on exhibit and will take part in a panel discussion with Kenny Wells and Jack Labadie about the influence of Hip-Hop music on contemporary art (Sat. June 8 at 5pm).  The grounds of the Workhouse will also be the site of a day-long mural demonstration by HKS181, Kevin Rodrigue, and Jeremy Gann. UD4Final-2_web

Thanks to Deb Yarrington and her crew at Urban Art Syndicate for curating and coordinating this year's show.

Urban Decay 4 will include the work of:  Carlos Aguilar, Kevin Bednarz, Kenny Brown, Bryan A. Collins, Matt Corrado, Gregg Deal, ElStabo, James Fuller, Jeremy Gann, Drew Storm Graham, Kevin Gosselin, HKS181, Bill Hewitt, Tim Knouff, Jack Labadie, Justin Lipuma, Kevin Murphy, Sylvia Ortiz, Scott Olive, Michael Owen, Gabriel Pons, RSIN, JC Rivera,, Kevin Rodrigue, David Ten, James Walker and Asad ULTRA Walker.

Performances during the opening reception include: Thrive, Kenny Wells, Expansion Radio and Lightspeed Rescue

Click Here to view the history of  the Urban Decay exhibition series via the PONSHOP Blog.

Second Annual Jewelry Show: Opening Night

December 7, 2012: PONSHOP hosted their second annual jewelry show featuring works by 11 jewelers.  The opening reception included live demonstrations by Leslie Brier, Susan McLay, Jeff Gulick, Lisa Latendress, and Erica Voss.  Many of the other featured artists attended the show and were on hand to answer questions including Silvia White, Terresa Buelow, and Zakk Davis.  Below are some pictures from the evening.  On behalf of Scarlett and I, thanks to all the fans that came out to the show that evening and thanks to all of our talented jewelers and artists for sharing.  The jewelry show is on exhibit at PONSHOP through December 30th.

Second Annual Jewelry Show Announced

PONSHOP Studio and Gallery are pleased to announce that they will be hosting the second annual jewelry show for the month of December showcasing the work of eleven jewelry artists.

In keeping with the gallery’s format, all jewelry works on exhibition are original pieces handmade by local artists.  The exhibit will feature a wide variety of materials including upcycled items, beads, leather, ceramics, sterling silver, hand-colored resin, precious metal clay, as well as bullet casings.

The jewelry exhibit features the works of Leslie Brier, Terresa Buelow, Cirello Jewelry, Zakk Davis, Jeff Gulick, Nicole Hart, Lisa Latendress, Susan McLay, Scarlett Pons, Erica Voss and Sylvia White.  The exhibit will offer a wide price range of jewelry starting at twenty dollars.

The opening reception will include live demonstrations by Leslie Brier, Jeff Gulick, Lisa Latendress, and Erica Voss.

The gallery walls will include a group exhibition of featured PONSHOP artists including Nicholas Candela, Stephen Graham, Adam Desio, Jeremy Gann, Bill Harris, Ginger Huebner, Rob Landeck, Scarlett and Gabriel Pons.

2012 Art Attack Fredericksburg

September 8, 2012 marked the first annual "Art Attack Fredericksburg" event.  Local and regional artists took to the sidewalks of Caroline and William streets, set up their own outdoor studio, and created art for all to see.  Visitors watched as artists sketched, painted, created sculptures and pottery pieces. In addition, live performances by belly dancers and musicians added to the street scene.  After the day's tour of duty, the artists attended a picnic hosted by LibertyTown Arts Workshop.

Conceived by Bill Harris and Gabriel Pons, the mission of Art Attack is to show how incredibly rich this area is with talented artists and to showcase them doing what they do best.  Art Attack recruits included as many as 60 artists ranging in ages 13 to gracefully gray.  Below are just a handful of photographs from the day.  To find out more about Art Attack Fredericksburg, visit the Facebook Page.  There is also a video piece on Art Attack on Fredericksburg

PONSHOP Stencil Tutorial: Cutting a Stencil


As part of a collaboration with one of our summer intern, Isaac Whalen, we did a series of video tutorials to compliment the "Intro to Street Art" and "Skate to Create" workshops held at the studio.  Gabriel Pons of PONSHOP Studio and Gallery gives an instructional video on cutting a paper stencil intended for spray paint.  Part 1 incorporates tips to cutting a precise stencil that may be used later for creating other artworks.

PONSHOP Stencil Tutorial: Spraying a Stencil


Gabriel Pons of PONSHOP Studio and Gallery gives an instructional video on basic spray painting techniques with a paper stencil. Part 2 is a continuation of Stencil Workshop Part 1 and incorporates pro tips to using your cut stencil as a base of an art piece.

PONSHOP Stencil Tutorial: Stencil Design


Gabriel Pons of PONSHOP Studio and Gallery gives an instructional video on how to generate a stencil design from a hand-sketched illustration.  This tutorial focuses on creating a one-layer stencil using trace paper and card stock.

"July Summer Exhibition" Opening Reception: July 6, 2012

On July 6, 2012, the First Friday show included some new work by Gabe and Scarlett Pons, and Stephen Graham.  More new pieces were added to the shop by Julie Maida, plus jewelry by Leslie Brier, Terresa Buelow, and Zakk Davis.


Thanks to all participating artists and everyone who came out to support the show! Check out some pictures from the night below.

PONSHOP Tutorials: Working With Wheat Paste

As response to the questions brought up in our "Intro to Street Art", "Mixing the Media" and "Adult Mixed Media" classes - we've put together this two-part tutorial on how to make and apply wheat paste when doing paper posters and collage:


Part 1:  Wheat Paste recipe and cooking

1 part flour to 4 parts water (This demonstration uses 1cup of white flour with 4 cups of water)

In a small pot, whisk together flour and water with wire wisk.

Bring mixture to a slow boil (med-high heat for 5-8 minutes) until mixture has a gluey gravy-like consistency.

Remove from heat - you can add 1/4 cup of sugar or white glue to make the mixture even more tenacious (sticky)

Wheat Paste can be refrigerated to stay "fresh" longer.  Consistency may change (it will get thinner), however, the paste still works.  Be mindful that wheat paste will spoil in time especially if kept at or above room temperature.


Part 2: Applying Wheat Paste with paper posters

Use a wide brush to apply the paste to the intended surface or substrate.  Apply a thin layer the approximate area of the poster.

Apply a thin layer of wheat paste to the back of the paper poster.

Press center of the poster against the wall and begin brushing the poster from the center out to the edges with your brush.

When the paste is still wet (and the paper is still malleable) you can peel and reposition if  the paper has trapped too much air)

Finally brush a thin layer over the entire poster and especially the edges.

"Jewelry Show" Opening Reception, November 4 2011

Our First Friday opening reception for the Jewelry Show was held on November 4.  The reception included a live demonstration by metalsmith jeweler, Jasmine Lee and a brief gallery talk by PONSHOP owner Scarlett Pons.  Featured jewelry artists include: Leslie Brier, Terresa Buelow, Zakk Davis, Lisa Latendress, Jasmine Lee and Sylvia White.  Below are more pics from the evening.  Thank You to all the fans and enthusiasts that came out for the opening!  The Jewelry Show runs through November 27.

Jewelry Show Announced

PONSHOP Studio and Gallery are pleased to announce that they will be showcasing six local jewelry artists for the month of November.  Please join us on Friday, November 4 from 6-10pm for the opening reception with the artists.

The jewelry show highlights the collections of jewelry artists who conceptualize and create their own unique work. Often described as wearable art, artisan made jewelry carries an intimate connection between the wearer and artist where the wearer becomes a moving canvas for the piece.  Each artist is aware of this relationship, and they strive to create innovative designs to fashionably adorn the body.

In keeping with the gallery format, each piece is handmade, forming an elegant and tangible work of art. These tiny works are formed using a unique pallet of materials from upcycled items, beads, leather, sterling silver, or precious metal clay. The individual artist is able to achieve their own artistic vision through their medium of choice.

The jewelry exhibit features the works of Leslie Brier, Terresa Buelow, Zakk Davis, Lisa Latendress, Jasmine Lee, and Sylvia White.  The exhibit features a wide price range of jewelry starting at twenty dollars.

The opening reception will include a brief gallery talk by owner Scarlett Pons where she will introduce the artists.  The gallery will be giving away door prizes and gifts to guests throughout the evening courtesy of the participating artists.  In addition, Metalsmith jeweler, Jasmine Lee, will be demonstrating her technique throughout the evening.

The gallery walls will include a group exhibition of featured PONSHOP artists including Joshua Barber, Nicholas Candela, Adam Desio, Jeremy Gann, Bill Harris, Ginger Huebner, Rob Landeck, Nathan Webster, Scarlett and Gabriel Pons.

Urban Decay 2: Opening Night

Outdoor Demo panel by Gregg Deal

June 4, 2011. It's been a "one-two" punch over the past two months working for these back to back shows (G40 & Urban Decay 2) and Saturday Night's Opening Reception for Urban Decay 2 was just the right thing to celebrate all that hard work. Below are some pics from the show. Thanks to Deb Yarrington of The Workhouse Arts Center for organizing a great exhibit. Urban Decay 2 runs through June 26.

Outdoor Demo Panel by Jorge Guillen

Spaghetti Project had a nice spread of vinyl toys for the collectors

The Osedax kicked the night off...

Scissor List came on second and rocked the crowd

Fredericksburg's own Jeremy Gann

Bellflur wrapped up the night with their performance.

Gregg Deal

These were my demo pieces from the evening: marker spray paint and stencils on 12" vinyl albums.

My most recent work at Urban Decay 2

Herberth Oneeightyone

Sylvia Ortiz rock the house

Public Art: Caroline Street Fence

Gabe is one of six local artists to participate in Fredericksburg’s latest Public Arts Project. “Beautify the Burg” entails adorning a section of Caroline Street’s 800 Block with six large art panels. The project was unveiled in a public ceremony on Friday, July 2 at 6pm. Below are some pics from the ceremony (and more).

Left to Right: Milvi K. Gill, Gabriel Pons, Brandon Newton, Jay D. Anderson, Bonnie De Lelys, Elizabeth Seaver, Kristi Zerull, and Pat Thalman.

The unveiling took place on June 2nd, 2010

Scarlett and the boys struck a pose in front of my panel.

"Grasshopper #3", mixed media on wood, 40"x56"