Commissioned Work: Scarlett Pons

Call for Commission Work: Ceramics and Painting

Commission-Promo_01Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner and Scarlett and I have the perfect solution for gifting that special someone.  We invite you to work with us to create a custom painting (on canvas, skateboard, or 12" vinyl record) or ceramic piece (ranging from yarn bowls to specialty platters, soup bowls and kitchen items).  We are currently taking orders on custom work through November 15, 2013.  To get the ball rolling, simply contact us via email.  For more information, you can view the range of Scarlett's commission work Here and you can view Gabe's most notable commission work Here.

Artful Contribution to Healing Garden

HSC_Garden01_web Hospice Support Care (HSC) of Fredericksburg, VA has created a Healing Garden for bereaved families receiving grief services from HSC at the Harbor House Bereavement and Training Center located at 2103 Washington Avenue in Fredericksburg, VA. On Thursday June 27th, HSC will host the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours Event from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. This event sponsored by Blue and Gray Brewery, The Copper Fox Distillery, Lifepoint and the Fredericksburg Jazz Collective serves as the unveiling of the Healing Garden.  The Healing Garden was built with funds provided by the Duff McDuff Green Jr, Fund of the Community Foundation and in-kind donations from local contractors and volunteers.

Local artists Scarlett Pons of Ponshop and Kevin Rodrigue of Rodrigue Studios contributed their creative services to Fredericksburg’s local Hospice Support Care’s Healing Garden Project. Pons created ceramic blossoms to be mounted on steel trees created by Rodrigue. Two separate metal tree forms are installed in the Healing Garden. The first tree is known as the memorial tree. It supports ceramic blossoms with either a name and/or a message for a lost loved-one inscribed. The second tree known as the sponsor tree, holds blossoms inscribed with the names of those generous organizations willing to sponsor the opening of the Healing Garden.

The Healing Garden has a waterfall and a pond surrounded by stone seating walls and patios. The tranquil atmosphere is designed to provide respite to those who are grieving a serious illness or significant loss. The setting is designed with horticultural elements which will positively influence visiting families and individuals who will attend support groups. The idea is that these visitors will be able to express their grief in a halcyon environment. The idea for the Healing Garden was conceptualized by a grieving child who drew a picture of the place she wished she could go whenever she felt sad about the loss of her father.

Since 1981,  the Hospice Support Center has been providing non-medical support, without charge, to families and individuals experiencing the impact of a life altering or terminal illness. Their trained volunteers provide respite care and other services weekly to over 80 patients in the Fredericksburg region.


Scarlett's Custom Dinnerware Sets

Scarlett designed an everyday, no fuss set of plates for you and your family. This is a very versatile set perfect for any meal of the day and even makes great serving platters. The set includes a 9 1/2" square dinner plate, a 7 1/2" square sandwich plate and 5" by 1 1/2" deep bowl.  All the pieces in the set are dishwasher and microwave safe.
7-Glaze-Samples_webThere are seven colors available to choose from. View the photo above for color samples:
1. Periwinkle- light blue with hints of lavender
2. Plum-deep magenta with warm grey highlights
3. Eggshell- soft cream with amber highlights
4. Floating Blue- deep brown with denim blue highlights
5. Orb Green- rich glossy green
6. Glossy Black- Deep black and very Obsidian like
7. Satin White- Classical white soft semi-glossy.
Dinner sets are made to order.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for completion. We will be sure to let you know as soon as we finish and ship your set.
Want to know why it takes 4-6 weeks? Be sure to check our Policy Page on Etsy and learn a little about the ceramic process!
Visit our Etsy Site to select your color and place your order.

kybecca and PONSHOP Collaboration: A Celebration of Artisan Food and Ceramics

Rebecca Thomas, owner of kybecca Wine Bar, and Scarlett Pons of PONSHOP Studio are hosting a release party celebrating their recent collaboration of custom ceramics at kybecca Wine Bar on Wednesday night, January 30th from 7:00pm to 10:00pm.  The evening will include a special menu presented on the new dinnerware, an opportunity to meet the restaurant owner and ceramic artist, and a chance to custom order and purchase similar dinner and serving sets. 

To highlight the hand-made nature of kybecca’s food offerings, Kybecca’s chef Wade Troung is creating a special menu to compliment Scarlett’s hand-made ceramics.  The menu includes:

Braised rabbit springrolls, red cabbage, daikon, cilantro and nuoc mam.

Japanese Scotch Eggs, tamari seasoned beef and pork, free range organic egg, ancho chili hollandaise

Vegetable pot stickers, ginger ponzu and pickled daikon


Rebecca was seeking a ceramic artist to create new dinnerware for her restaurant. She was looking for original ceramic pieces that would highlight kybecca’s food that is handmade from fresh, local ingredients and compliment the contemporary interior of the restaurant designed with exposed brick, stainless steel and reclaimed wood details.

Ceramic artist Scarlett Pons met with Rebecca and designed three new dinnerware pieces for the restaurant. Each piece is contemporary in design and glazed with rich, natural colors that would emphasize the colors and texture of the food. The first plate is a large square 12” x 12” platter designed to serve an entrée for two or more. This piece is glazed in an Eggshell glaze of rich ambers and soft beiges and lightly speckled with a dark brown pattern reminiscent of a desert scene. The second plate is 9” x 9” square plate for single or shared fares finished in a glossy, dark Orb Green glaze. There is variegated pattern of black spots balanced with a darker green line across the top of each plate. The third piece is an asymmetric 9” shallow bowl sitting slight raised from the table. These bowls are glazed in a Sesame Black matte glaze giving the piece a volcanic rock appearance with tones of silver and blue.

Both business owners are pleased to share their collaboration with the public and excited to celebrate their passion for hand-crafted, contemporary food and design - where the qualities of the material, whether ceramic and or culinary, are experienced in their most genuine light, highlighting their richest properties.  Join us for an evening of artisan food, wine and art.

kybecca wine bar 400 William Street, Fredericksburg Virginia

Commissioned Work: "Tulip Series" by Scarlett Pons

A special collection of Scarlett Pons' new "Tulip Series" can be found at Taste Oil Vinegar Spice. Located in the charming downtown of Culpeper, they offer fresh olive oils and organic spices from around the world which share nicely at the table in these beautiful ceramic dishes.