“Remixed 3” Vinyl Album Art Exhibit


Exhibition Dates: August 7-30 Opening Reception: Friday, August 7 (6-10pm)

PONSHOP Studio is pleased to announce their sixth community art exhibition in August of 2015.  “Remixed 3” features original artwork using 12” vinyl record albums.  The exhibit includes over fifty participating artists working on this eccentric canvas.  The opening reception for “Remixed 3” will be Friday, August 7 (6-10pm).  In keeping with the show’s theme, DJ Moog will be spinning on the turntables in the garden space of the gallery.

This is the third year of the “Remixed” vinyl-themed show and PONSHOP has received an overwhelming response from local artists.  As of this press release, the gallery has issued over 85 albums to be adorned.  This community art show has proven to be a great addition to the gallery’s exhibition schedule, involving artists of all backgrounds and also boasting affordable artworks for the home or office ranging from $25-$200.  “Remixed 3” will be curated by gallery owners Scarlett and Gabriel Pons.

Elstabo's Erotic Works: Opening Night

October 5, 2012: PONSHOP hosted an exclusive book signing and art show of Brooklyn-born Elstabo's erotic work.  The show featured fifteen original paintings on canvas as well as featured his recently published collection of erotic art: Elstabo Erotic Works.  Below are some pictures from the evening.  On behalf of Scarlett and I thanks to all the fans that came out to the show that evening and thanks to Elstabo for doing what he does best!  Elstabo's Erotic Works book and select paintings are on exhibit at PONSHOP through October 30.