First Friday

June is Pride Month at PONSHOP


PONSHOP Studio and Gallery is celebrating Pride Month in support our LGBTQ community here in Fredericksburg. We're hosting a mini art show featuring a limited edition print titled "Show Your Colors" by Margeaux Ducoing (above), as well as rainbow-themed postcards by Elliot and EvelynJoin Us for the Opening Reception, Friday June 7 (6-9pm)

Call for Artists: 2nd Annual "Art for Park" Skateboard Show


PONSHOP Studiois pleased to announce the return of “Art for Park”, a community art exhibition, whose goal is to raise funds for building a new skateboard park in the Fredericksburg region. Artists are charged with adorning a standard street skateboard provided by PONSHOP and we encourage all participating artists to join us for the opening reception on April 5.

“Art for Park” will be a celebration of skateboard art and culture with a portion of sales going to support the Fredericksburg Skate Park Project. Initiated in 2013, this organization has been dedicated to improving the existing skate spot at St. Claire Brooks Memorial Park and promoting a safe and friendly public park for the entire community. We have a soft spot for Brooks Park, but the existing wood and steel ramps are outdated, weathered, and in desperate need of a renovation. With this exhibition, we hope to raise awareness of the importance of skateboarding as both art form and recreation and promote the Fredericksburg Skate Park Project’s mission.

Deadline for Submissions: Thursday, March 28 – Sunday, March 31 

First Friday Opening Reception: Friday, April 5 (6pm-9pm)

Exhibition Dates: Friday, April 5- Sunday, April 28

Artwork Retrieval: Sunday, April 28 – Monday, April 29

Submission Requirements

All artists must use the blank skateboard decks that PONSHOP provides at registration and all work must be for sale. Submit your best work! The gallery reserves the right to reject artwork based on quality, uniqueness and creativity, craftsmanship, and execution. Entries must be original creations of the artist – no reproductions of others artwork.  Upon receipt of completed artwork, PONSHOP will equip each deck with a fishing line through the truck holes for wall hanging. The “underside” (or convex side) of the skateboard deck is typically the side to be adorned.  All submissions must be intended to hang on the gallery walls (please refer to additional illustrations).


Entry Conditions

All artwork must be for sale. Artwork cannot have a retail price exceeding $300; artwork listed above $300 will automatically be decreased to $300. PONSHOP retains 40% of all sales, with an additional 20% going to the Fredericksburg Skate Park Project. Should your skateboard sell, artists will retain 40% of the total retail price, which will be paid within 30 days of the exhibition closing (April 28). This exhibit is limited to 40 artist entries.

Artists are responsible for acquiring insurance on their own artwork. Although PONSHOP will take great care in the hanging and display of artwork, the gallery will not be held responsible for items on exhibit. Artwork delivered that is not dry, of poor assembly, or is incomplete will NOT be accepted. 

Entry Procedure

The entry fee is $40 (plus tax), which includes one blank skateboard and a $5 donation to the Fredericksburg Skate Park Project. Entries are limited to one skateboard per artist. Artists can register and pay the entry fee either in store or on our website and choose whether you’d like your blank board to be shipped to you or to leave it at PONSHOP’s storefront for free pick-up. Keep in mind that shipping to and from the gallery is the responsibility of the artist; if you ship your art to us, you must include a return shipping label or we will contact you after the exhibition to collect the cost of shipping from you. 


Artwork must be delivered between Thursday, March 28- Sunday, March 31. Work delivered outside of these time windows will not be accepted, unless shipping is delayed or you are given permission to deliver late (or early) by gallery staff. Artwork must include a label with the title, medium, artist’s name as you’d like it to be displayed, and the retail price for the art. Retail Priceis the price the art will be listed for sale, not the 40% consignment that you will receive after the conclusion of the exhibition. 

Artwork Pick-Up

Hand-delivered unsold artwork must be picked up between Sunday, April 28 and Monday, April 29. Skateboards shipped to the gallery must include a return shipping label or you will be contacted for shipping reimbursement. Artwork picked up after Saturday, May 5will incur a storage fee of $10 per day. This willbe enforced. All Artists will be notified via email by April 29 regarding artwork sales. 

14th Annual The Art of Recovery Exhibition Announced


Fredericksburg, Virginia–Recovery is messy, and it looks different to each person. When substance abuse and mental health therapists ask individuals to paint their journey to recovery, some use a bright palette to create a vision of hope. Others sketch their demons. For each, art offers a way to express the struggles that accompany mental illness.

Each year, Rappahannock Area Community Services Board honors the role creativity plays in mental wellness by holding the Art of Recovery exhibit. The 14th annual art show will open May 4 at PONSHOP Studio and Gallery in Fredericksburg. A “First Friday” opening night event will be held Friday, May 4, from 5-9 p.m. A reception featuring live music, poetry, and readings will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the gallery’s courtyard.

The show is organized by members of Kenmore Club, a psychosocial rehabilitation program operated by RACSB. The exhibit coincides with National Mental Health Month and will be on display through May 27.  

The Art of Recovery will feature 45 pieces from 40 artists. Artwork includes original drawings, acrylic and oil paintings on canvas, as well as mixed media and ceramics. All of the pieces will be available for purchase.

The Art of Recovery provides a forum for artists living with mental illness to gain confidence in their abilities, address misconceptions surrounding mental illness, and experience community support.

“Art can be so healing,” said John Butler, coordinator of RACSB’s crisis stabilization services. “Art is a method of journaling, to share life experiences. It provides a safe haven for expression of feelings, hopes and dreams. Although art can be judged, art doesn’t judge. The Art of Recovery helps society in general to look at people beyond their disability and for folks with disabilities to not be defined by those disabilities.”

April's Art for Park Event


PONSHOP Studio is excited to announce the second month of “Art for Park” – a skateboard art show to benefit the Fredericksburg Skate Park Project. Over fifty local and national artists have transformed the standard street skateboard deck into a work of art for the walls (or for wheels).  To usher in April’s First Friday opening reception, PONSHOP is teaming up with Richmond-based non-profit, Studio Two Three, who will be offering screen-printing activities via their mobile print truck stationed in front of the gallery.  Our neighbors at Benny Vitali’s (722 Caroline St.) are contributing to the community effort by throwing a “Dough Raiser” on Thursday, April 5 (11am-11pm) contributing up to 20% of their proceeds towards the Fredericksburg Skate Park Project.

“Art for Park” is a celebration of skateboard art and culture. What better way to rally the community than by having artists give their voice on what has, over the past fifty years, become an iconic symbol of youth culture and recreation.  This is PONSHOP’s eleventh community art exhibit and we are collaborating with Magic Bullet Records and Skateboards and the Fredericksburg Skate Park Project to build community support for a better place to skate in Fredericksburg. We have a soft spot for the Saint Clair Brooks Memorial Park - the existing wood and steel ramps and concrete surfaces are dilapidated, weathered, and in desperate need of a renovation. “Art for Park” is the beginning of a sustained effort to raise awareness of the importance of skateboarding as both art form and recreation and to promote the Fredericksburg Skate Park Project. Initiated in 2013, this organization is dedicated to improving the existing skate spot at Brooks Park and promoting a safe and friendly public park for the entire community.

Five Dollars of every Artist Registration and 20% of all deck sales will benefit the park initiative.  As of this press release, “Art for Park” has raised $350 for the park initiative.

April Exhibition Events

Dough Raiser at Benny Vitali’s: Thursday, April 5 (11am-11pm)

First Friday Opening Reception with Studio Two Three: Friday, April 6 (6pm-9pm)

Exhibition Dates: April 6-29

PONSHOP Holiday Show

Opening Reception:  Friday, December 4, 6-10pm

Exhibition Dates: December 4–31, 2014

PONSHOP is excited to celebrate the holidays with their annual holiday show in December.  The opening party will be “First Friday” December 4, from 6-10pm.

The gallery features new ceramic work by PONSHOP co-owner Scarlett Pons, who will debut her latest illuminated ceramic lantern.  The third in her “Fredericksburg icons” series, she created a series of scale miniatures one of the city’s beloved vehicles – the downtown trolley. 

PONSHOP released four new Art Tees this year, including the “Fredericksburg Map” tee shirt, a punk rock cat tee, a koi fish tee, and a new color way of their popular “Octopus” design.  The gallery walls feature a selection of Gabriel Pons’s signature custom spray painted skateboard decks for riders and collectors alike.  Small works include paintings by Maddie Huddle, Sarah Lapp and Julie Maida.

The gallery is filled with new work from a dozen jewelers ranging from local to national acclaim in a variety of styles and materials.  Gift inspirations include ceramics for the home, upcycled tote bags, hand blown glass ornaments, indy comic books, and limited edition artist prints.

PONSHOP will have extended holiday hours through the holidays: Friday and Saturday from 10am–8pm, Sunday noon–5pm, and Monday through Thursday from 10am–6pm.

Fifth Annual Jewelry Show

Opening Reception:  Friday, November 6, 6-10pm

Weekend Trunk Show: Saturday and Sunday, November 14-15

Exhibition Dates: November 6 – 29, 2015

PONSHOP Studio and Gallery is pleased to announce that they will be hosting the fifth annual jewelry show for the month of November showcasing the work of ten jewelry artists.  Each artist is unique to their own style using sterling silver, semi-precious stones, stainless steel, brass, wood and recycled materials. The opening reception is Friday, November 6 from 6-10pm.

The jewelry exhibit features the works from our favorite local jewelers: Leslie Brier, Terresa Buelow, Haylee Hill, Lisa Latendress, and Trish Schornagel. In addition, the show includes regional and national artists Elaine B, Anne Harrill, Forestique, Daphne Olive, and Voz Collective.

Saturday, November 14 kicks off a special “Jewelry Trunk Show” celebrating Fredericksburg’s Holiday Open House event that weekend.  The trunk show will run through Sunday, November 15.  

“Remixed 3” Vinyl Album Art Exhibit


Exhibition Dates: August 7-30 Opening Reception: Friday, August 7 (6-10pm)

PONSHOP Studio is pleased to announce their sixth community art exhibition in August of 2015.  “Remixed 3” features original artwork using 12” vinyl record albums.  The exhibit includes over fifty participating artists working on this eccentric canvas.  The opening reception for “Remixed 3” will be Friday, August 7 (6-10pm).  In keeping with the show’s theme, DJ Moog will be spinning on the turntables in the garden space of the gallery.

This is the third year of the “Remixed” vinyl-themed show and PONSHOP has received an overwhelming response from local artists.  As of this press release, the gallery has issued over 85 albums to be adorned.  This community art show has proven to be a great addition to the gallery’s exhibition schedule, involving artists of all backgrounds and also boasting affordable artworks for the home or office ranging from $25-$200.  “Remixed 3” will be curated by gallery owners Scarlett and Gabriel Pons.

PONSHOP Five Year Anniversary Celebration

Opening Reception:  Friday, June 5, 6-10pm PONSHOP Studio and Gallery celebrates their Five-Year Anniversary On “First Friday” June 5, 2015. Gallery Owners Scarlett and Gabriel Pons will be showcasing their latest work in the gallery including ceramics, fine art and two new t-shirt designs. The garden space of the gallery is where the party will be staged: DJ Moog will be spinning on the turntables with refreshments catered by Caroline Street’s newest coffee shop, Agora Downtown.

PONSHOP has built their business around the central philosophy of community engagement and promoting the value of growing a local economy through creativity and culture. The majority of their shop has always been stocked with ceramics, jewelry, accessories and fine art from Fredericksburg and the surrounding regions. In keeping with the entrepreneurial history of downtown Fredericksburg, the owners feel it is important that local artists have a space to hone their craft and also market their products. Since opening in the spring of 2010, PONSHOP has hosted over sixty consecutive First Friday Art Openings including over a dozen juried and community art exhibits including The Art of Recovery and the Remixed Vinyl RecordShow. Each of these events builds upon the sense of pride for the downtown and offers a venue for artists and the public to connect. Art classes have also been an integral part of PONSHOP with Scarlett and Gabriel, as well as local artists, Leslie Brier and Ashleigh Burbidge teaching workshops throughout the year. Art Workshops enrich the lives of both children and adults and create an environment for artists to build confidence in their skills and meet other like-minded individuals. Scarlett and Gabriel Pons cordially invite you in celebrating their Five-Year Anniversary this “First Friday” in June.

Fourth Annual PONSHOP Jewelry Show

2014 Jewelry Show Sneak Peek and DIY Jewelry Workshop:  Thursday, November 6, 6-8pm

Opening Reception:  Friday, November 7, 6-10pm

Weekend Trunk Show: Friday Through Sunday, November 9

Exhibition Dates: November 6 – 30, 2014

PONSHOP Studio and Gallery is pleased to announce that they will be hosting the fourth annual jewelry show for the month of November showcasing the work of eleven jewelry artists.  The opening reception is scheduled for Friday, November 7 from 6-10pm.

The jewelry exhibit features the works from our favorite local jewelers: Leslie Brier, Terresa Buelow, Jodi Habel, K Tuna Creations, Lisa Latendress, and Trish Schornagel. In addition, the show includes regional and national artists Elaine B, Lawrence Butler, Matthew Cirello and Jasmine Lee as AMORDIVIN, Marstinia Enamel Designs and Daphne Olive.

Get a jump on your holiday shopping!  Bring a friend and enjoy an intimate evening with refreshments at PONSHOP during their “Sneak Peek” jewelry event on Thursday, November 6 from 6-8pm.  The first ten shoppers to purchase $40 or more will receive a complimentary ceramic jewelry dish made by Scarlett Pons.  In addition, Charlottesville jeweler Elaine B will be hosting a Do-It–Yourself Jewelry design workshop.  Fashion your own necklace using her signature geometric shapes and a variety of semi precious stones collected locally and abroad. This workshop is casual and open to all interested. RSVP is requested, not required – email ($50 fee)

The evening of First Friday will kick off a special “Weekend Trunk Show” featuring Daphne Olive (Maryland) and Elaine B (Charlottesville, VA) with light food and refreshments and music provided by Mike DJ.  To celebrate Fredericksburg’s Holiday Open House event that weekend, the trunk show will run through Sunday, November 9.

The gallery walls will include a group exhibition of featured PONSHOP artists including Nicholas Candela, Adam Desio, Crystal and Kevin Rodrigue, Gabriel Pons and more.

PONSHOP is a multifaceted storefront: an artist studio, gallery, retail store, and classroom.  The vision of the owners, Scarlett and Gabriel Pons, is to provide a place that embodies what they love: art, design, and creative education.  The gallery/shop features a variety of work from artists both near and far.  Their studio also doubles as a classroom, providing workshops for students interested in everything from painting, ceramics, and architecture to street art and skateboarding.  “We Don’t Buy Gold or Guns, We Sell Art.”

“Remixed 2” Vinyl Album Art Exhibit

Remixed-2-promo_02_web-02 Exhibition Dates: August 1-30

Opening Reception: Friday, August 1 (6-10pm)

PONSHOP Studio and Gallery is pleased to announce their fifth community art exhibition in August of 2014.  “Remixed 2” features original artwork using vinyl record albums.  The exhibit includes thirty-five participants and ten featured artists (as of this press release).  The opening reception for “Remixed 2” will be Friday, August 1 (6-10pm).

Last year’s event was met with great enthusiasm from the arts community. The show boasted over 60 entries from over twenty-five local and regional artists.

Gallery owner Gabriel Pons has been using 12” vinyl records as his canvas for four years.  When a friend offered him a crate of old records, he saw the potential of using the standardized discs in an art show where each participant “repurposes” the old albums and turns them into art.  Both Scarlett and Gabriel Pons are excited to see how each artist treats this design challenge.

The opening reception will include music provided by Mike DJ, with desserts by Morsels & Moonshine and refreshments by Creative Juices.

Featured Artists for the “Remixed 2” Show are:

Matt Corrado, Rob Landeck, Jack Labadie, Crystal Rodrigue, Kevin Rodrigue, Bengi (Nati513) Baker, Elstabo, Jeff Gulick, James Walker, and Leslie Brier

Participating Artists (as of this press release) include:

Kelly Fortuna, Sharon Blancard, Sidney Mullis, Elizabeth Carter, Alicia Hurst, Kelly Penick, Perri Chuska, Maddie Huddle, Deb Yarrington, Meredith Lackie, Robert Wayne Luther, Maie Makin, Morgan Buenos, Curtis Cataldo, Erica Anderson, Jake Argarin, Stacey M Schultze, Martin Reamy, Mirinda Reynolds, Carol Coffman, Sam McCown, Sue Connors, Caroline Connors, Jürgen Brat, Hannah Doepp, Brooke Kingsley, Lauren Horton, Adam DeSio, Mika Zink, Tanya Green, Diego Pons, Gabriel Pons and Rebecca Maurer.

Exhibition Dates: August 1-30

Opening Reception: Friday, August 1 (6-10pm)

April First Friday Recap: Elaine B. Jewelry Trunk Show

PONSHOP_April First Fri11_web We were excited to host our first jewelry trunk show for the First Friday of April featuring the unique and elegant work of Elaine B. Her handmade jewelry is lightweight, geometrically inspired, and effortlessly striking. We had a blast with Elaine B. here in the shop that evening as she displayed and sold her exquisitely designed pieces. Below are more pics from the evening.  Stop by the shop to browse our selection of one of a kind handmade jewelry by artists like Elaine B. and many others.

Opening Reception: October Group Show

Dueker_webFriday, October 4 was the opening reception of our Group Show featuring the work of Baltimore-based painter, Ashleigh Dueker.  Below are photos from that evening.  Thanks to all our fans who came out for the night and a big "thank you" to Ashleigh and her family for making the trek down from Baltimore.  October's Group show runs through October 27. Ashleigh's "Windows" series reflects upon her experiences over the past years working as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, West Africa and her subsequent transition back to life in the United States.  The three works she's contributed to the October show, "An Unfinished Life", "Sojourn", and "Home" explore these recent experiences, touching on themes such as emotional closure, spirituality, and the inherent relationship that we create with our environment.

Stiched, Altered, and Plush Show: Opening Night

Stitched-Opening-2013-03-0105_web Friday, March 1 2013: PONSHOP hosted the opening reception of Stitched, Altered, and Plush. The evening was a great success, featuring quirky creations by local artists Ashleigh Burbidge and Leslie Brier. Check out our photos from the evening below. Stitched, Altered, and Plush runs through March 31.

"Small Works Show" Opening Reception: December 2, 2011

Our latest First Friday opening reception for the annual Small Works Show was held on December 2. This month's reception was a holiday celebration, which included new work by Scarlett Pons, Gabriel Pons, and many featured PONSHOP artists. The show displayed one of a kind holiday gifts from PONSHOP's November Jewelry Show, our newest T-Shirt designs, and hand-knit winter accessories. Check out more pics below. A big thanks to all who came out for the event! Remember to "Give from the He(art)" by supporting local artists and designers this holiday season.

Notice the big "Yeti" in the window?  We're happy to be participating in "Window Wonderland", a city-wide contest featuring the downtown storefronts decorated for the holidays.  Guess the riddle posted in each shop window and have a chance to win up to $1,000.  Click Here for an entry form and don't forget to vote for your favorite window decoration too!